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Ministering in Word and Deed in Africa.

AE supporters have brought peace, reconciliation and hope to African nations for 60 years and saved countless lives. Our unique evangelistic approach involves mobilising thousands of local volunteers and churches in African nations to bring the Good News of Jesus to city people in Sub-Saharan and North Africa.

With regular support and prayer, amazing supporters like you have rescued many thousands from lives of forced poverty and misery. Partnering with us makes saving more lives possible. Please join us now in celebrating God’s mercy and power to change Africa.

Together we have reached over 6 million people with the good news of Jesus in 2020.

Jesus is the heart of what we do.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”
2 Corinthians 5:20

Bringing peace, reconciliation and hope to African nations for over 60 years.

Celebrating 60 years of evangelism in Africa, holding true & pressing on!

The 1962 Mission to Maritzburg is considered a highlight for AE as it launched our ministry. Michael Cassidy reflects on this mission:
“ For me this has to be always THE major highlight as it was the moment when our call to the cities of Africa was confirmed and our ministry formally launched. The extraordinary success of that mission I attribute firstly to the Lord’s sovereign purposes, and secondly to the fact that we had no experience to depend on, and therefore our dependence on the Lord was maybe deeper than ever happened again.”
Our 60th anniversary celebrates the 60 years that has passed since Mission to Maritzburg but also looking towards the future with excitement, anticipation and hope.

Michael Cassidy & The History Of African Enterprise.

As a young South African man, just 21 years old, Michael Cassidy had a heart for his people and felt the Lord calling him to city-evangelism in Africa. During the summer of 1961, he set out on an exploratory visit to 31 major cities of Africa, a trip in which God’s vision for Michael became clear. On a long walk on the beach, Michael drew an outline of Africa in the sand and wrote “claimed for Christ” inside it. His experience is recounted in the book African Harvest: “He wrote in his diary; ‘I asked God for 50 years of ministry in Africa.’”

Graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1963, Michael returned to South Africa with a small team and his work began. The first city-wide mission was held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and from there the work expanded slowly across the continent. A second team was established in Uganda in 1971 under the leadership of Bishop Festo Kivengere. Today AE has teams in ten African countries: Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Ethiopia.

“Michael’s vision and courage were key contributors to mobilising the church in South Africa to challenge and topple one of the most evil and divisive systems in the world, namely apartheid.”
– S. Doug Birdsall, Honorary Co-Chair, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation

Michael Cassidy & Nelson Mandela

Michael Cassidy & Billy Graham

Festo Kivengere & Michael Cassidy

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