Our mission is to save lives by bringing the Good News of Jesus to the people of Africa.

African Enterprise supporters have brought peace, reconciliation and hope to African nations for 50 years with their regular support, prayer and donations.

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Growing hope, health and sustainability through AE

Poverty has created a terrible cycle of devastation in African communities, however the team at African Enterprise has spearheaded an amazing community intervention in Rwanda to prevent the terrible...

Cape Town Mission 2019: Unifying local churches for the Gospel

In November, African Enterprise and the Luis Palau ministry returned to Cape Town to help unite churches and bring people to Jesus through its combined stratified evangelistic mission outreach and...

Cape Town Mission 2019: Meet mission volunteer Mary!

Meet Mary, one of the incredible mission volunteers who served on the recent Cape Town Mission in November. For the past five years, Mary has dedicated herself to AE mission outreach with the...

Cape Town Mission 2019: Foxfires youth outreach

“I am sending you like sheep amongst the wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” (Matt 10:16) Preparing for any battle will take many months or even years of preparation....

Cape Town Mission 2019: From gangster to Christ

It’s not often one meets one of Cape Town’s most notorious gangsters, appointed to one of the highest ranks in the criminal world through his gang, with worldly power to control the toughest prison...

Cape Town Mission 2019: A snapshot of mission

Well before dawn in Cape Town South Africa, the first of the AE missioners, well acquainted with mission over the past 9 days, have emerged from their shared rooms to start the day with prayer. It’s...

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