Our mission is to save lives by bringing the Good News of Jesus to the people of Africa.

African Enterprise supporters have brought peace, reconciliation and hope to African nations for 50 years with their regular support, prayer and donations.

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Mathare Women Rehabilitation and Empowerment – Enabling Women to Secure Their Own Future

While in the West women’s rights have made great progress, in Africa, even the most basic of rights aren’t available for women in many tribes and communities.In Kenya, women lack access...

For Communities to Thrive all it Takes is Clean Water

According to World Health Program (WHO, 2013) poor sanitation contributes to about 700,000 child deaths from diarrhoea each year. Sanitation is so important, the United Nations...

Going to Africa

Going on a ‘mission’s trip’ has become a rite of passage for many Christians. Replacing traditional gap years or holidays to share Jesus with new people is enticing.  Many travellers...

2018 Mission Summary

We are looking back on 2018 with thanks to God as we celebrate yet another increase in our Gospel reach and the number of people who accepted Christ into their hearts. We hope that you...

Togo Mission Update

AE Ghana in collaboration with AE International and the Church in Togo are hoping to reach 181,550 people with the gospel in Lome over a 3-year time span.AE Ghana Team Leader Ben Sachie...

Drug Addicted Youth Recover through God-Centered Mentorship in Africa

Education around the world is designed to empower our future leaders, and equip young people with the knowledge needed to be thoughtful contributors to society. Doing this well though...

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