Our mission is to save lives by bringing the Good News of Jesus to the people of Africa.

African Enterprise supporters have brought peace, reconciliation and hope to African nations for 50 years with their regular support, prayer and donations.

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African Enterprise Brings Trauma Healing to Schools

Across the Western world, mental health and the impact of traumatic events on our wellbeing, is increasingly a field of study that’s prioritised and valued. Sadly, in a lot of the African regions...

Into the war zone for the Gospel

Pastor Santino Yuot came to Australia in 2004 after escaping war in Sudan, where he settled in Auburn Sydney with his wife and six young children. Born in South Sudan, he started working early as a...

Meeting a deep Gospel need in Togo

There is a desperate need to bring the Gospel of Jesus to French-speaking areas of West Africa, areas that have been influenced be secular history, and significantly impacted by the Muslim push down...

128,000 Bulawayons impacted by the Gospel in AE’s ecumenical mission outreach

AE Zimbabwe’s mission in Bulawayo in September was in response to a city in crisis, with drought, economic carnage and significant social ills driving many of the city’s skilled workforce to Harare...

Fellowship of Christian Doctors and Dentists listen to AE

This article was originally published in Christian Today. In the vast urban sprawl within Sub-Saharan Africa, Celeste lives in a tiny space between two buildings with her three children. A single...

Faith is Being Restored for Africa

As the year begins to wind up, it’s good to remember some of the wins along the way. In June, we introduced our clean water campaign, wanting to bring safe drinking water to communities living in...

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