AEE Rwanda is deeply grateful to the support offered during the COVID- 19 pandemic lockdown. The support came as a rescue operation, and without it, the families that were served would have suffered greatly during the lockdown.
The support that was received covered 258 families (1,598 persons) which were in dire need.

They were able to distribute 20kg of rice, 10kg of beans and facemasks to each family. This gift enabled these families to go through the lockdown period easier.

The story below of Gisele UWINEZA illustrates how food support was a great rescue to the families.

Gisele Uwineza is a 28 year old Christian woman, who has 3 children. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, Gisele did casual labor, which included going to people’s homes to wash clothes and working in their crop fields. When the government ordered all people to stay at home, Gisele could not get causal work anymore.

She inevitably stayed at home and she did not know how she could survive during the lockdown. The first 2 weeks of the lock down were very hard for her family, as she had no work and no money to buy food.

She occasionally received food from well-wishers and this enabled her and her family members to have at least 1 meal per day. Through the Grace of God, Gisele was selected to receive food support from AE. Just like the other members in her village, she received 20kg of rice, 10kg of beans and facemasks for herself and her children. This enabled her to survive during the lockdown, together with her children. Each morning she woke up with a heart full of deep gratitude to God and to the people that He used to supply her needs. She did not have to worry what she and her children would eat each day! By the time the total lockdown in Kigali was relaxed and she got casual labor again, she still had some food in the house.

Mere words are not enough for Gisele’s family members to express the deep gratitude in their hearts, for the immense support received, which enabled them to survive the lockdown! It is their prayer that the good Lord will bless everyone who became the hands of Jesus in their lives!

Featured Image – Gisele Receiving food support from one of the AEE staff (Albert)











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