Southern African Region (Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe)

The Southern African region under the regional leadership of Dr. Lutangu Lubasi, is one of our newest established regions. This was done to strengthen our capacity, capability and effectiveness in reaching more people with the Gospel. Even with the impact of Covid 19, we are grateful for all that was still possible throughout the year.

Recently in the region, a very successful mission was held in Zomba Malawi under the leadership of Dr Cornelius Huwa. About 1,984 people were reached with the Word of God (this excludes those reached through radio, television and social media).

AE’s foxfire team in Malawi have done wonderful work this year by using their energetic dance and engaging drama performances to share the gospel with the youth during market and school outreaches. This approach has helped to reach more than 200 000 children with the Word of God over the past 10 years. The ministry’s goal is to provide a holistic empowerment and discipleship of Malawi’s youth and it is heartwarming to see the team at work.

AE Zambia has started the Lusaka Enhanced COVID-19 Response whose objective is to educate and sensitize vulnerable communities and distribute reusable masks to the most vulnerable among marketeers, street vendors and other vulnerable groups.

Your prayers for the following are valued:

  • For the development of a new missions team in Zimbabwe to build our evangelistic presence in partnership with the church.
  • For the vibrant and energetic Foxfires team in Malawi where they still want to reach a minimum of 10 schools this quarter and reach approximately 5000 students
  • For the Tailoring Project in Malawi that the AE team can have the funds to train even more women next year.
  • That the Lusaka Enhanced Covid 19 response program really strengthen the community and educate people effectively to stay covid safe.
  • That in the year to come, this newly established Southern African Region under the care of Dr Lutangu Lubasi will grow and flourish to reach as many people as possible in a combined effort from the three countries.
  • For safety of the teams, staff, board members and their families as they continue serve God.

That the churches in the Southern African Region will be unified to reach 1,000,000 people by 2024 through our regional initiative.