AE Ghana in collaboration with AE International and the Church in Togo are hoping to reach 181,550 people with the gospel in Lome over a 3-year time span.

AE Ghana Team Leader Ben Sachie gives a report of a recent trip to Togo as part of the preparation stage of mission:

On Wednesday 30 January, AE was invited to attend a press conference organized by CFAN – in preparation for a Bonnke Campaign scheduled for 7-10  February 2019. 

The African Director of the Bonnke Campaign, Pastor Darko is a Ghanaian and was impressed with AE’s presence. He showered praise on what AE is doing especially our integrated mission approach. He promised to sit with us at the right time so we could talk about collaborative works in Togo and beyond.  

Ben was given the opportunity to address the gathering at the press conference and to invite the pastors and church leaders to attend AE’s mission meeting scheduled for Thursday 31 January.   

The meeting had 34 people in attendance who came from across the denominational divide: Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Baptist, and some charismatic Churches. Additionally, some parachurch organizations such as Women Aglow International and Campus for Christ were present. 

The pastors responded with affirmation that it is time for the Church in Togo to rise up and position herself in the right place for the move of God.  They believe many good things are taking place at the same time religiously and it is a mark of God’s visitation. 

At the end of the meeting, there were several comments pointing to the fact that AE’s dream of partnering with the church in Togo could not have come at any better time than now.  

“We welcome the vision of African Enterprise because we think it has come at the right moment because of the challenges facing our country of Togo in evangelism. It is evangelism, which brings total transformation that is not often done.

We understand AE’s vision is also for evangelism for different social layers that we need to touch and we believe that AE, with its experience can help to equip us. Because evangelicals in our country like to evangelise and they want to reach the higher levels of society but they lack training and an appropriate strategy.

Listening to AE’s vision, we believe that they can be a real support to us and particularly because they have the vision to reach different levels of society. What has also touched us is their vision for the marginalised people like the prostitutes, drug addicts and the street children. Of course, there are people doing evangelism in these areas but to bring total transformation is what is lacking. Therefore, AE is welcome to come and support us. In addition, particularly because it is a three year partnership. We would like to hope that we will make strides forward on the ground. Therefore, that is what we can say about this partnership on the horizon with African Enterprise. Thank you.”

-Happy Aziadekey,  President of the Evangelical Federation of Togo (FET).

AE’s focus for the first year of this three year mission is on Evangelism Training. Already, some of our partners such as GoodWord Partnership and Global Evangelists Forum are ready to work with us.  

Please pray with us…

Pray for the Church leaders in Togo that they will buy into the mission. 

Pray particularly for the men on the ground who are helping us with the set up. Please pray specifically for Edouard Ametou, the National Director for Campus for Christ.  

Pray for the AE team, that God would give His protection as they travel to Togo. 





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