Youth are the future of Africa, and it is essential that effective youth discipleship and empowerment programs are part of our mission strategy. Young volunteers called Foxfires give a year of their lives toward evangelistic outreach in their community. Welcome our newest Foxfires to the family!

Mercy Warukira Gichuhi, Kenya Foxfires

I love God as my personal saviour. I am the oldest of three and live with my dad and mum. My sister is in year three and brother is in year five. I attend PCEA King’ong’o Parish in Nyeri County.

I was born again when I was about six years old and a pastor came to our school and spoke about giving our lives wholly to God for which through this we would receive protection and eternal life-I desired this and gave my life to Christ.

Before salvation, I used to keep bad company and was disrespectful. I would skip church and just eat sweets. My grades were poor at school and I was undisciplined.

When I was born again, I was excluded from my friends, I was laughed at and called a fool. Fortunately, I overcame all through faith and determination and advice from my parents and teachers. Out of my zeal for Christ I shared about his love with my fellow classmates and everyone used to call me a pastor. Some would ridicule me while others adored the transformation that God was doing in my life. I am glad that I could make a difference even as a student.

I learnt about the Foxfires from a friend, Josephine who also joined the program last year. I saw her life change as she is also pursuing theology now. I wish to learn more about Jesus and become closer to him. Additionally, I wish to learn how to pray, teach and challenge youth in life issues and in the things of God.





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