Michael Cassidy shares his thoughts

What makes Africa relevant to those of us who live in Australia? We recently chatted to Michael Cassidy about the obvious question, “Why Africa?”, and here is what he had to say:

‘AE is called to serve Africa. Although evangelism is needed throughout the world, the calling of AE is a specific one, namely “To evangelise the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the Church.” So it is for this cause that we call people to invest.

Sub-Saharan Africa is immensely responsive to the Gospel, making evangelism in Africa wonderfully worthwhile. A vast percentage of Africa’s population are ready to receive the seed of the Gospel, and in our missions, we see thousands upon thousands of people responding – unlike most other parts of the world. 20% of the world’s youth live in Africa, and Africa’s young people are particularly receptive to the Good News of Christ.

Africa is a continent of the future. While other countries may celebrate their history, Africa is pulsating with new life and constantly looking to new horizons.

What excites me about the African Church, is that it is very mission-minded. Africa is now sending missionaries to evangelise and plant churches in other parts of the world. Some of the biggest and most vital churches in cities like London or Brussels are African, and their influence on the spiritual life of those cities is considerable. So investing in the African Church is also investing in a new and marvellous mission movement. Incidentally, when I have travelled together with African colleagues on various ministry trips, I have noticed an increased level of interest and openness to the African voice, as opposed to that of a white Anglo-Saxon.

The old Christendom of the Northern hemisphere may have come and gone. However, a new Christendom, a culture where presuppositions are Christian, is being born in the Southern hemisphere, in Africa and Latin America. To pray and give towards the Lord’s work in Africa is a worthy cause. It is helping to shape and build a new Christendom which may well re-evangelise the old one.

I believe that the hour of the African Church has come.’

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