My name is Elizabeth Wanjiku, I am a single parent of 5 children and a grandmother of 13 children. I live in Korogocho slums in Nairobi where I have lived for over 20 years now. I raised all my children here in Korogocho but unfortunately 3 of them got sick and passed on. Life in Korogocho is not easy and we only live here because we are unable to afford living in a better place. Due to lack of jobs many young people are idle and engage in criminal activities, drug abuse and other things to try to survive the hard life here.

Most of my time I scavenge at the local dumpsite where I collect sacks plastic containers etc. and clean them for resale at a local market. My grandchildren and I live in a small house and since most of them are orphaned I have to provide for them and I keep praying for God to help me as I am now old and sickly. Despite all these challenges our community is full of joy, most of the times you will find children happily playing in the streets.

God has used AEK to help me and my neighbors for many years; they have built good toilets in our community and since last year they have been providing us with food and soap since most of us are no longer able to earn anything due to Covid-19.

Please pray for the health, wellbeing and jobs of displaced and marginalised people in informal settlements, and for the government to care and provide assistance to these communities. 











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