It is a new year and we have new Foxfire teams across Africa, ready to joyfully and wholeheartedly serve God.

In Malawi the Foxfires were patiently waiting for the schools to open up on the 22nd of February so they can start reaching out to schools and youth groups. The Foxfires in South Africa have started a social media initiative called “Let’s talk” where they share a one minute video each week, speaking God’s truth and encouraging youth through the platform they prefer.

When COVID-19 forced everyone into lockdown, our 4 Foxfire teams were reaching out to friends, family and neighbours during lockdown. Supporting and encouraging others through the difficult time. Not only does Foxfires have a lasting impact on the youth that they reach out to, but being a Foxfire impacts the life of each young adult enrolled in the program.

Precious Owoko recently shared the impact being a Foxfire had on her life. She was a part of the Kenya Foxfires Youth Empowerment Program back in 2018.

“I am Precious Owoko a student currently at Laikipia University in Nyahururu, Kenya, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media. Today I take a short reflection of my tenure during the Foxfires Youth Empowerment Program in 2018 and the impact it has had in my life. I am glad that I gave part of my life to serve my fellow youth. I was effectively prepared to become a better person today. I am never the same!!

Foxfires program prepares one for the youth related ministry within the year and life after the program. It’s an important bridge that greatly equipped me for life in campus. The program fortified me with relevant skills that have enabled me to be focused in life and aim at the goals that I set while serving with AE. My leadership skills were enhanced, fine-tuned and refocused. I was able to discover amazing leadership abilities that I had not thought of. Today I serve the students as the class representative for the communication and media group. I am representing more than 300 students on the relevant meetings. I know that the confidence I portray was cemented in me during the foxfires program.

Foxfires made me esteem the ministry of young people. Once I enrolled in campus, I joined the Christian Union Movement (C.U). I wanted to serve and reach many with the Gospel. The skills of evangelism and discipleship have helped me to be involved in person to person witnessing and other missions aimed at reaching the student leaders. I have also helped in the rebranding of the arts department as a tool of reaching out the youth with skits, drama and dancing. This has greatly helped the Christian union to attract more students thus coming to experience Christ. Today, I am greatly honoured that I am serving the Christian Union as the secretary, a position that I only serve by God’s grace. There were many students who could have been elected to this position but I was favoured by God. My exposure during FYEP, to different youth ministry across Kenya has greatly improved my performance. Communication skills was a critical course in Foxfires that has helped me become better in handling the CU related communication. Recently, I was chosen by different Christian Unions within the Kenyan Central region as the secretary general of consortium of 11 Christian Unions. I can only attribute such as this achievement to AE FYEP.
The daily devotions that involved the reading of the word of God and prayers created in me a discipline of prayer and bible study. Some ask how I manage to keep track of my devotional life, I only share with them my experience in the FYEP.

I have been able to help others who have been in difficult life related issues. The knowledge gained in Foxfires has been a source of wealth that I have constantly used to walk with others. I am happy that I can continue with the ministry of Foxfires even in campus. I am still setting the youth ablaze for Christ!

Today I know how to deal with peer pressure, handle relationships, financial management and saving skills, conflict management, balance between academic and my other roles and other courses handled while in FYEP.

I am proud to have been a Foxfire and to be continuing with the theme of Once a Foxfire, Always a Foxfire. I know supporting FYEP program is making a difference in many. It’s transforming the young people during the tenure and after the program. It’s never in vain.

God bless the Foxfires Youth Empowerment Program.”

Thank you for supporting our Foxfire teams in Africa and for impacting the lives of many young adults.