Dr Cornelius Huwa was trained as a professional medical Doctor in Malawi. In 2018, God called him to join the African Enterprise team as a full-time Evangelist and a Team Leader in Malawi. However, Dr Huwa had not received any theological or formal evangelism training, and this was his biggest challenge and hindrance in his fulfilment of his passion to train local churches and pastors in evangelism. This changed in 2019, when Dr Huwa was successfully trained by African Enterprise (AE) on the new curriculum of 4 modules covering 21 courses of evangelism and discipleship. The training increased Dr Huwa’s passion and commitment to missions and evangelism.

According to the AE International Missions Director, Emmanuel Kwizera, the need to train Lay Leaders, AE Associate Evangelists and non-theologically trained Pastors is massive and critical in Africa. In fact, some African governments, like Rwanda, introduced a new law that set a minimum standard for theological education among preachers and Pastors. This need of training evangelists and pastors, addressing false teachings, as well as responding to government requirements prompted African Enterprise to improve its training standards and systematically develop its School of Evangelism. Through this training, partner churches are equipped to understand:

  1. The Biblical foundations of evangelism and missions
  2. The Theology of proclamation Evangelism
  3. The biblical models of discipleship
  4. The integration of word and deed in Evangelism

Prayers requested: While African Enterprise celebrates the completion of the 4 modules (which cover 21 courses in Evangelism), as well as training all the AE national teams in 11 countries, the process continues. For the next phase, African Enterprise is planning to focus on:

  1. Developing AE’s training material online. This program will help Pastors and Evangelists to access the 21 courses online, download materials, and do the required exam and assignments.
  2. Developing the material to incorporate other Africa based Bible College information.
  3. Translating the AE School of Evangelism materials into French, Swahili and Portuguese and other local languages.
  4. For assistance with coordinating training materials across Africa and partnerships with Colleges and churches.

Please pray with us to see the church equipped to reach Africa with the Good News of Jesus through the work of AE.  


School of Evangelism forms part of the Stratified Evangelism Process:












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