It is wonderful to see the progress of Community Transformational Groups (CTGs) across Africa. The Rwanda model has been such a success that AE is now looking to incorporate it across all 11 national teams.

Members generally come from some of the most impoverished and vulnerable communities in the country. Many are women who have escaped a life of prostitution to gain new skills and earn an income. They are given an opportunity to start a new life in groups that are learning to make cleaning products and develop sewing skills.

CTG’s engage with beneficiaries to emphasize both the value of economic goals, as well as social and spiritual empowerment. These groups build a sense of worth in members by helping them to act and realise their God-given potential. The conditions in severely impoverished communities have always been a barrier to the poor in developing necessary life skills.

CTG’s aim to change this by giving people hope. They often build on existing programs so that graduates have support to build their own businesses. This support is vital in achieving the attitudinal change needed for people to take action on their own behalf.

Most teams are using current programs to form new CTGs. The recent focus has been on providing vocational training aimed at empowering women. South Sudan has also had some success in partnering CTGs with churches (pictured), who are embracing the concept of being a part of transforming communities.

CTG’s do so much more than build financial independence. They promote a sense of belonging, and teach people to work together for the greater good. The benefits are shared throughout the entire community and bring people a much-needed sense of purpose. Through your generous support, people living in poverty are finding their way towards hope and building a sustainable future.