It was a moment of complete surrender. Ruth stepped out from the crowd and towards the AE preacher. She answered the alter call and gave herself fully to Jesus. She repented before Him and experienced His life saving forgiveness for the first time.

Ruth is just one of the 906 high school students who accepted Jesus during the mission. Each one found hope in the risen Christ to change their lives. Ruth reconciled herself to His love and grace and allowed it to bridge the gap that had separated her from her family.

Alongside heaven, we celebrate the lives changed through the Zomba leadership mission. We give thanks to the 48 churches and the hundreds of volunteers who were involved. Their dedication saw over one thousand people make commitments to Christ during the school and leadership outreach.

This action-packed week facilitated the AE team to outreach to 8 Malawian leadership groups. These included the medical and legal professions, politicians, university lecturers, traditional leaders (chiefs), civic council members, business and student association leaders. Each group attracted at least 50 participants, with AE speakers exhorting the leaders to let Christ lead the way. It was humbling an inspiring to see an average of 20 people make commitments to Jesus per event!

One such person was a nurse whose life had taken a difficult turn. After losing her job, relationship, and friends, she realised that there was nothing left except Jesus. She needed him to restore her hope. As she listened to the guest speaker, she understood that it is never too late to turn to Jesus. As the speaker shared the story of how Jesus had forgiven him, she knew He would also forgive her. “In spite of my challenges, my joy and peace will always rest in God,” she said.

We thank our incredible supporters, who enable AE to comprehensively reach out to the Zomba community. It was a privilege to invite such a large cross section of the leadership community to hear about Jesus. Thank you for continuing to equip God’s people to bring the good news, unite churches, and give renewed hope to this city.