Zomba Mission Testimony

One of the new converts, a health worker from Zomba Central Hospital explained how impactful the program was to her, she marked the event as a turning point for her life. After graduating from college, she got a good job that compensated her well. She expressed that she was getting a salary that she was “not able to handle”. On top of the well-paying job, she had a fiancé and they had plans on settling down in the near future. She lived an economically and socially satisfying life, but had no major concern about the things of God. It was not until a few months ago that her life’s trajectory took a bad turn; she suddenly lost her well-paying job and broke up with her fiancé without an apparent tangible reason. She invested huge amounts of money with her friends, but they took all her money and left her with nothing more than a disturbed life. Her mental state worsened to the extent of needing medical help and counseling.

She was convinced that her attendance at the Zomba Leadership Mission dinner was not a coincidence, explaining that recent events in her life pointed her towards Christ: she met an old-time friend some three weeks ago whom she knew as a wayward person, but to her surprise, this friend seemed to have changed and she found out that he had received Christ and that is what prompted the change in his life. From that time, she had seriously been contemplating about the changing power of Christ. “I lost a lot of money, I lost friends, I lost everything. I hoped to not commit suicide because the thought often comes when one is in a bad mental state. I have longed to be for Christ and I have wanted my life to really change. I was really touched by the guest of honor’s testimony, I looked at her and I saw that it is never too late. If God indeed forgives, that same God has forgiven me”. She added.

With Christ, she believes that her joy and peace will remain full. In spite of the challenges that she currently has, she is glad that she has made the decision to follow Christ and she will rest the hope of her future in Him.