Proclaim African Evangelists Congress 2020 changed the African outlook of evangelism. The 3-day Congress brought together 3,318 participants from 49 African countries and 10 diaspora countries. And this gave birth to an idea that will transform evangelism in Africa.

By targeting specific groups under the theme: Let Africa hear and proclaim the gospel, the congress seeks to impart knowledge, educate evangelists and build a strong foundation upon which evangelism will thrive in Africa with a view of reaching all Africans with the gospel.

Beginning with the Proclaim Young Evangelists Congress that will run from 10th to 12th September 2021 at 4pm GMT. Targeting at least 2,000 evangelists between the ages of 15-35 from all over Africa. By bringing together the future generation of evangelists together to learn at the feet of those curving the path ahead of them, this ensures that a proper appreciation of evangelism is instilled to go with the passion and fire that burns within each and every attendee of the Congress. The panelists have been specifically targeted for their influence in their areas of dominion.

This will be followed by the Regional Proclaim Evangelists Congress taking place in November 2021. Developed with the knowledge that evangelism styles across Africa are different, this will give the various regions of Africa i.e. North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa an opportunity to meet within their various regions and learn from each other as well as connect and network.

Proclaim Continental Congress 2021 shall be culmination of the country, regions and young evangelists’ congress within the year. The congress shall run as from 7th- 9th December 2021 for the virtual congress while the in person shall run from 6th- 11th December 2021 in Nairobi. Emerging evangelism topical issues from regional and country congress shall be handled. Seasoned and experienced evangelists shall handle such as this issues giving relevant case studies and success stories to learn from. Regions shall also present their Regional and Country Evangelism Plans to the wider Africa creating a platform to learn from each other. Proclaim 2021 shall also seek to study what other continents are doing to reach their own.