The Meru North Hope Mission 2020, organised by African Enterprise Kenya in partnership with Meru North Churches started off on Saturday, 17th October 2020.

In the months leading up to this mission, AE Kenya trained 1,112 local evangelists and mission volunteers. More than 500 of these evangelists and mission volunteers were able to participate in the daily mission activities despite the restrictions and challenges brought on by the pandemic. A team of 31 evangelists also joined the mission all the way from Nairobi.

AE Kenya partnered with 126 local churches for the Meru North Hope mission and together they used Home Based Evangelism, Street Evangelism, radio and television to bring a message of hope in Jesus to the people of Meru North.


  • 8,839 people reached through face to face encounters
  • Thousands reached through radio broadcasts
  • 1,779 decisions for Christ recorded

Radio broadcasts provided a significantly large, although unquantifiable, reach into the homes of thousands. There were broadcasts on radio every night and messages were also given by AE team members on Meru TV. Please continue to pray with us that those who heard the Good News will believe and commit to follow Jesus.

One of the concerns that the team came across in Meru North, was the young age that girls were marrying and raising families. The youngest they came across was a 17 year old mother of two. AE Kenya requests that we pray with them that Christ would bring peace and hope to many young girls who have married very early in difficult situations, and that God would turn the tide on the social ills that aggravate this situation.

Doreen (17) has been able to turn down the many advances of marriage but have always felt something was lacking in her life. She was forced to leave school at a very young age because of financial constraints. After meeting two street evangelists she said the following about her face to face encounter:

“Two strangers approached me and started a light conversation with me which then led to them asking about my salvation life. They then proceeded to share with me the Gospel and I immediately felt something within me bursting with joy. I gave my life to Christ and they prayed with me. I am overjoyed and confident now that my life will take a turn for the best. I will now walk a life of faith and share the good news with my peers. Thank you, AE, for guiding me to the right decision.”

You can find more stories and testimonies like Doreen’s on our Facebook page.

The Meru Mission concluded on the 25th of October. Please pray with us that the seed of the Gospel will bear fruit in the hearts of all who have heard and for effective discipleship of those who made decisions for Christ.











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